Two weeks and $500 later, how goes the Substack Comics binge?

Patience, Eager Reader... Patience....

Sophie Campbell’s on this website now. How could I resist? I mean, Shadoweyes and Ninja Turtles? C’mon!

Here’s the running tally, then:

  • Sophie Campbell annual subscriber: $70

  • Scott Snyder Best Jackett annual sub: $75

  • Molly Knox Ostertag annual sub: $50

  • TinyOnion Tynion IV annual sub: $75

  • Zdarsco Zdarsky annual sub: $70

  • Stupid Fresh Mess Scottie Young annual sub: $75

  • Saladin Ahmed annual sub: $60

  • 3 Moons 3 Worlds Hickman, Hiddleston, Del Mundo, & Co annual sub: $80

Total (since Aug 12): $555


(I’m also following, for free because that’s all they have, Kelly Thompson, Vita Ayala, Tini Howard, Leah Williams, Matthew Rosenberg, Rico Renzi…)

Has it been worth it? For this comic book fan, this shop faithful, this avid reader, to leverage a large chunk of their comics passion funds to an untested email newsletter forum? In the spirit of hopeful support for a batch of writers and artists they’ve already tried to support as a consumer and fan for years?

It’s only been two weeks, I tell myself. The annual subscriptions are an investment of faith. They’re still teasing. Amassing those subs. Showcasing those collaborators and some cover sketches. Clearing their throats for the symphonies of great content to come.

Some have made past volumes available, like Sophie Campbell’s “Shadoweyes” which is returning soon on that BARF Substack. Or Zdarsky and Kagan McLeod’s “Kaptara” soon coming back on Zdarsko, so the first volume was shared free with all subscribers.

But I’ve had those books for years.

So far, no new comics.

Lots of Hickman and Del Mundo and Sasha Head designs, with lots of ramp up for their big Grant Morrison live chat, over at 3 Moons 3 Worlds.

Lots of behind-the-scenes, newsletter-type missives. Like the comics backmatter… up front.

Some really entertaining and read- or listen-able lessons and nuggets of wisdom from Ostertag and Snyder. Does feel like an inner circle, welcome-to-the-club type of arrangement.

Lots of kind shout-outs to friends and other creators’ new projects, spreading the spotlight from their visibility to other creators. Especially appreciate this from Vita Ayala.

But no new comics. Yet.

HOWEVER, some highlights…

Skottie Young video on his art tools:

Stupid Fresh Mess
A Cartoonist's Arsenal
WHAT PEN DO YOU USE? The most frequent of frequently asked questions for almost any artist is “What (fill in the tool) do you use?" And I totally get it. I had the same questions for years. I bugged the shit out of Humberto Ramos, Tim Townsend, Joe Mad, Jason Pearon, and any other artist that I could get in touch with, asking the same things…
Read more

James Tynion IV’s “Empire of the Tiny Onion” is doing a subscribers-only series “Thinking Bat Thoughts” where the erstwhile Batman writer dishes on the behind-the-scenes process of his run. “Pitching in corporate comics is a bartering process,” Tynion declares, and then goes to show his dozen or so pages of detailed pitches. Now that his run is out there for us to see what made it through, and with the explanations he offers for what didn’t, one senses that DC editorial.

Scottie Young on Spawn

Over at Chip Zdarsky’s Newsletter, besides some exciting news about a Marvel event for his Daredevil fans, he announces that Friday is the debut of PUBLIC DOMAIN, his Substack comic, written and drawn by Zdarsky. Consistently entertaining.

Scott Snyder’s Best Jackett Press has been the most immediately rewarding (as in, rewards!) with podcast episodes that sound like the energetic Snyder really hyped to be your teacher today in a writing class. The writing tips aren’t super new to anyone who hangs around writing workshops or reads John McPhee and Save the Cat or listens to Scriptnotes and stuff like that. But Snyder’s characteristic enthusiasm is hard not to enjoy, and I get a boost of inspiration listening to him.

I know there’s more coming. And I’ll keep a pulse on it. Curious? Why not subscribe or share?